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Thanks for checking out this SharpSpring resource {$firstName}. This page is broken down into three key sections. SharpSpring Setup tasks, Daily Tasks and Weekly tasks.  The Quick Reference contains links specifically for you. 

COVID-19 Support:

How to copy existing email and modify for your location
This video shows you how to locate a COVID-19 email created by headquarters, copy it, update the email and move it to your own affiliate folder.

Watch the video >

How to schedule an email to be sent
This video shows you how to schedule your email to be sent. **Please note - all emails will be approved by My Left Foot before being sent, so please factor review time into your schedule.

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Setup Tasks:

1. Sync your mailbox
If you would like to keep sending email from your mail client, you can sync it with SharpSpring. This will track any emails that this customer receives. Please click on the mail client you use for setup instructions.

For Office 365  |   For Gmail  |  For Outlook 

2. Setup social accounts
If you would like to use SharpSpring to manage your social posts, please reach out to Lindsay at My Left Foot to configure the setup.  Once complete you can start posting via SharpSpring. 

3. Setup your signature
If you aren't going to setup mail synching, then it is a good idea to create your email signature in SharpSpring, this will make the email look just like it is coming from your mail client. 
View Steps > 

How are customers added into SharpSpring?
There are 5 ways customers are added into SharpSpring, 2 of which are manual:

1. If the customer fills out a form on the website (Contact Us, Email Newsletter, Rewards) they are automatically added to SharpSpring and assigned to your location.

2. If the customer places an Online order via Procor, they will be automatically created in SharpSpring. 

IMPORTANT: Customers who place an order via the Call Center, are not created in SharpSpring. We can add them via step #4. 

3. You can manually add a new contact that you have met (see step #).

4. We can do batch uploads of emails you have collected yourself, ensuring these emails are not purchased and you have their consent. Please send the list to Lindsay at My Left Foot. 

5. Driver Business Card tracking program - ask My Left Foot about the business card tracking program for Drivers! Grant your drivers access to a simple form that is connected to SharpSpring. They can enter the business card, and the lead is assigned to their name. 

Daily Tasks

Here are the common tasks you will work into your daily new business activities. We have broken them down into pull (you initiate the tasks) and push (we send you a notification)

Pull Tasks:
The most common tasks are entering a new contact, sending them an email (if you aren't using mail sync), and assigning them to a new business opportunity to manage them through your sales process. 

1. How to add a contact   
As you conduct new business, this is how you can add a contact to SharpSpring.  

2. Sending SmartMail
For any new contacts you add to SharpSpring you can send them a variety of email templates available through the SmartMail feature.  
You can do this as follows:
a. Create the contact (New > New Contact)
b. Add their email address and any other information you have and assign “Your Name” as the owner, and set the Campaign to {$affiliate_location_5de18f7c555ef!".  "}

c. Click on send Smart Mail 
d. From the tags, choose "New Customer"
e. A list of predefined templates will appear, ready for you to use. 
f. Choose personalize, add a message and when you are ready send. 

Manage your new business leads 
Managing new customer leads can be time consuming. That is why we have setup Opportunities. This view allows you to track and monitor all of your active opportunities.  Here is an overview and how to create an opportunity.

Here is how to add an opportunity > 

4.  Visitor ID >        
This feature is worth 10 minutes of your time each day.  This is where SharpSpring is tracking all of your known and unknown visitors to your page.  
Here you can look at leads that have come to your page. This is where you are going to uncover that lapsed customer you haven't heard from in a while, or a company you have just visited the other day with some samples. 

To view this information go to:
Visitor ID > Filter on the left hand side and choose your Procor site

5. Searching for leads & saving searches 
You have the ability to search for new and existing leads in SharpSpring and to save these searches.   All of your existing leads are saved to lists, located here: Contacts > Lists > Affiliate Location name 

Push Tasks:
The most common tasks are checking out email notifications about leads that are looking to make a conversion on the website. Second to this is reviewing daily visitor traffic that we send to you via email. (this works hand in hand with VisitorID described in step #4).

1. Email notifications

You will receive the following notifications from SharpSpring:
  1. View print menu - this means a customer has viewed the print menu online but has not placed an order, it is a good idea to reach out to them or view their activity.
  2. Daily Activity email - these are all known leads that have visited your page for the current month. Investigate those leads with low lead scores - they are potential customers!
  3. A lead has been assigned to you - when a new customer is added to SharpSpring you will receive the notification
  4. First time order offer - if you are offering a discount for sign-up, you will receive an email receipt when a new lead signs-up for this offer. This is a good lead to track as an opportunity to see if they will redeem it on their own or if follow-up is required.
  5. Contact Us - you will continue to receive contact us requests from SharpSpring
  6. Rewards Registration - you will continue to receive Rewards registrations from SharpSpring

Weekly Tasks

Here are the common tasks you will work into your weekly new business activities. We have broken them down into pull (you initiate the tasks) and push (we send you a notification)

Pull Tasks:
If you are actively managing your new business, there are fewer weekly tasks. 

1. Weekly Special email (or bi-weekly)

The most common tasks is organizing your Weekly Special email.  All you need to do is gather the images and menu items you would like to include in the weekly special and complete the Weekly Special intake form.  
We need 2 business days to complete the email. 

2. Provide new customer leads to My Left Foot for import

As described in the setup tasks sections, you will need to provide an excel document of new customers who place orders via the call center or email.  You can provide this on a weekly or monthly basis for My Left Foot to import.  

3. Setup social posts

If you configured your social posts, here are the  steps to schedule and post social media content  in SharpSpring. 

Quick Reference

Your Training videos:

Send a Weekly Special Email: 
Weekly Specials Form >

Contact Information:
Lindsay McLeod  

Book a training session >

Corporate Caterers SharpSpring Login >

Onboarding Steps

To get up and running {$firstName} on SharpSpring there are 4 steps for you to complete:

  1. Schedule training session #1 with Lindsay.
  2. Provide access to My Left Foot to current email client (Constant Contact or Mailchimp).
  3. Schedule training session #2 with Lindsay.
  4. Start using SharpSpring to manage your new business leads.